February 26th, 2015

A Bad Leak

It took almost two days but the plumber finally came to fix our lovely leaking pipe under our bathroom sink. It isn’t the worst leak in the world but it is enough to annoy us from having to change out the bucket from under the leak. When the plumber finally arrived we were about to get excited until we saw who it was. It was a man I had left my husband for for a short period of time years ago. He worked at Newcastle escort service and I just felt at that moment in time that it was a good idea to chase him. My husband almost chocked when he answered the door but he let him in knowing that we needed the repair done today. After he left he gave me the evil eye like I had something to do with the whole thing. I should have known a crazy idea would pop into his head.

January 17th, 2015

Finally Found Happiness

I am absolutely loving the new agency I found last month. After being bored and depressed for so long I figured it was time to look into some things that could bring me happiness. I heard about Kent escorts and how they could turn a completely horrible evening into the most memorable one ever. After going through them numerous times now for a date, I cannot deny that statement. Every time I got an escort from them, I have had a completely amazing time. Most nights we just ended up going out to a local bar, but there have been others where dinner is the only event. I never thought going out with a complete stranger could be so beneficial to my crazy life. But since I found the agency, I have been incredibly happy and have been given a new reason to look forward to waking up each day.

December 19th, 2014

Bringing Home The Guilt

I have never been the type to stray away from the nest but last night I just had enough of all the arguments and put downs coming towards me. After the second argument of the night I walked out the front door and headed to a friends house. They were on their way out to go on a date with London escorts when I showed up, but they quickly made changes. Instead of going out with their date, they took me out on the town for unlimited drinks. I really need that night out with him last night. I have been house bound and haven’t done anything fun in what seems like months. I think when I talk to my wife tonight I am going to lay some new rules down. Rules that will not allow her to trample over me every second of the day like she always does.

December 5th, 2014

Coffee Shop Experience

Every morning before work, I get up early and stop in at the coffee shop for a bagel and a coffee to wake me up. I pick up the daily newspaper on my way so I have something to do while I have an hour to kill before work.

Last week, a woman that I see in the coffee shop quite frequently offered to pay for my order, I accepted. She sat down with me and started talking so I did not have any use for my newspaper that day.

She made sure her eyes where on me the entire time and kept flirting with me, I thought that this was very odd. I actually liked it because I am single and I love any attention that I can get. She slipped me her number and I am planning on trying to make her my next new fuck buddy.

December 4th, 2014

Reminiscing with my friends In Brighton

Some memories are never forgotten. An experience can change a man forever and that’s what happened to me when I visited Brighton last year. I made good friends, which guided me around the city.

Arrival To Brighton: My journey began once I arrived at the Brighton Railway Station from London. My first stop was a hostel because I was very tired. I hailed a cab and caught a ride to the nearest hostel. After checking in, I went to my dorm and dosed off for a while.

Getting Acquainted With Backpackers: Upon waking, I noticed a group of foreigners in my dorm. They were from Germany, Thailand and Australia. We introduced ourselves to each other and decided to go hang out. We went to the beaches and museums, however a fellow backpacker suggested that we call up some Brighton escorts. It sounded like a plan and that is what we did. Overall, I had a wonderful time in Brighton and continue to day dream about my fantastic travel adventure.

November 29th, 2014

Winner Of A Raffle

I was on a long flight to Birmingham to go and visit for one week, I actually won the trip in a raffle at work. At first I was a little nervous but after plenty of research, I knew I could have some fun with all the nightlife fun that they have to offer.

The girl I sat next to on the plane was a Birmingham escorts companion on her way home from a two day date with some millionaire. She had a notebook with her and she jotted down all kinds of exciting places for me to visit while I was there.

When I was in my hotel room, I started looking at the pages of notes that she had given me. She even put her phone number at the end and told me to give her a call. I had a blast the entire week and we ended up spending a lot of time with each other.

November 23rd, 2014

A Mutual Agreement

Being single has given me the great gift of independence. I was married for seven years and every year seemed to bring more fights and much more hatred in our relationship. After being distant for so long my wife and I decided it was time to finally end things and we did. Since the breakup, I have been out on numerous dates with Darlington escorts and regained relationships with old friends. I have finally realized just what I have been missing out on. It has been so long since I have been able to go out and just relax. It was always come home, help with dinner, argue about nothing, and go to bed. It just was not the way I wanted to live my life and I know it was not how she wanted to live hers either. So the agreement was mutual and beneficial to both us in the end.

November 18th, 2014

Toys For You

I have sold sex toys for over 15 years with a very reputable company. My sales are always booming and I get a ton of free products to try out. My second job is working as a Leeds escort agency companion which I love and dedicate a lot of my time to. My bag of hundreds of sex toys are always a hit with my clients. They all have their own favorites that they like to use.

When I do private sessions I usually operate out of a high end hotel for the entire weekend. I have all of my toys and clients set up for back to back appointments. They always leave pleased, happy and always book another session with me before they even leave the hotel. This little business that I run has me making six figures yearly, I am hoping to retire by the time I am 40!